Friday, July 17, 2015

Photography Club Trip to Pasadena

#Photography #Pasadena #PasadenaGov #fisheye #getolympus #iphone6 My photography club, The Digital Explorers (Orange County), took a trip to Pasadena on July 11 to get some nice pictures for our next meeting. We met at the Little Flower Cafe for breakfast then went to the Colorado Bridge for an hour. We then stopped by the Rose Bowl but weren't able to get in due to a Food Expo that was going on. That led us to our final stop at the Pasadena City Hall. Here are some of the photos that made it to my blog. I can't remember which lenses I used, but I did enjoy my brief time with the iPhone 6 and panoramic shots. Also, if you live in or around Orange County, California and want to join the club, you can find info at our website:

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