Sunday, September 25, 2016

Atlanta Georgia Day 1

#Photography #Ignite #Atlanta #Georgia #Zaxby #Windgate This week, I'm visiting ATL for the #Microsoft Ignite conference. I'm out here from Sunday to Friday. I left John Wayne at 9am and landed here at 420pm. I requested a window seat from Delta but got the middle row so I didn't get good aerial shots. Coming from California, I'd say everything definitely feels slower out here. I also rented a Mini Cooper and surprisingly fit into it. Bucket seats FTW! The freeway speed limit is 55mph compared to 65mph in California. Also I noticed people take their time to speak while we tend to speak much faster. For a Sunday, I ran into a lot of traffic. It's also hot and humid! Here are some of the pics I took with my iPhone 6s Plus. Also a friend recommended I try a place called Zaxby's and one happened to be 5 minutes away. 

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