Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Atlanta Georgia Day 4

#Photography #GWCC #msignite #Atlanta #Georgia First off, I would like to apologize to the City of Atlanta for mocking your traffic. Call it "Car"ma, but that 1 hour drive to my hotel was real! I knew you had some California in you. I will only proceed to make fun of your 20-30 minute traffic once I've returned home. 

didn't take many pictures of the city today because it was spent meeting vendors and attempting to complete labs. I also got to take a picture with Don Jones who is YUUUGE *waves hands like Bernie* in the powershell community. Some even call him Tony Stark.

On a sad note, I lost a chance at winning $2000 from the Veeam booth, but I won a hug from the trickster in a green tie! I needed it anyways after having $2000 disappear out my shirt pocket. I would've used that money to buy a bike and Flaming Cheetos (Don't judge!!!). 

Don Jones!

I wish he would've predicted my $2000 loss
You can turn powershell into an executable with a GUI! 

I lost that $2000 in his jacket pocket :(

Yammer reminds me of that quote "You want to see a dead person?"

Elevators smell like baby powder here

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