Thursday, September 29, 2016

Atlanta Georgia Day 5

#Photography #GWCC #msIgnite #Atlanta #Georgia #Biltmore My time in Georgia is coming to an end. I leave on Friday evening. It's been real Georgia! *imaginery fist bump to the state* I heard people complaining that moving Ignite from Chicago to Atlanta was a bad idea, but I disagree and this is coming from someone born in Chitown. Other than feeling like someone hit me with an unlimited supply of water balloons while my bucket was at 0, it was all good. I got to meet lots of old friends and to top it off, one of my friends and his wife just had their first kid! Congrats Cormick!!! As Obi Wan said, May the Sleep be With You! And I think Palpatine also said The sleep won't be strong with this one. 

I didn't bother going to the vendor booths which means they probably called my name and I lost a prize. I spent the day in the Microsoft Labs which they decided to turn into a meat locker on the one day I wore a short sleeve shirt. After my study sessions, I visited the CNN store then a boutique. My bank decided to block my purchase since I never buy anything and I had a fun call with the fraud department. After that was over, I drove around the city snapping random pics. Everyone seems to live in a mansion out here. Redfin showed $800k homes with acres of land. That would get me a condo with no yard in Orange County. Here are the pics from today's travel.

Panoramic of a new stadium


Everyone lives in mansions in this area

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