Sunday, July 9, 2017

Huntington Beach Summer Photography

#photography #huntingtonbeach #surfing #boarding #a7rii #summer #tower5 A good friend organized a beach hangout today at Huntington Beach and I managed to not get sunburn (yes I do get it!) and take some nice photos. I played 2 v 3 volleyball in sand that was close to lava and managed to get the W. As a heads up, bring socks and it will let you walk on lava sand like a video game. My Sony A7RII combined with my 24-240mm lens has been my go to setup lately since it covers short and long ranges. The tilt screen lets me get some nice shots without being noticed and below are some of the results (except for my friend posing for a picture because that would be weird if i just straight up shot someone like that and didn't tell them LOL...) Enjoy! Also clicking on "Burn After Seeing" will take you back to my blog's main page if you want to see other pics.

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