Friday, September 15, 2017

John Deere Corp HQ Pics

#photography #JohnDeere #tractors #whiteysicecream #Illinois #wiu #Iowa #skybridge #a7rii My company @Prosum has been working on a project with @JohnDeere and I got an opportunity to travel to their Corp HQ in Moline, Illinois. I was born in Chicago and I haven't been back to Illinois since moving to California and the one thing I enjoyed was no snow. Outside of the project, I got to learn about farming and construction, and it's amazing how technology drives the industry. The Corp HQ has an indoor museum which shows the evolution of JD's products dating back to their first plow. Now we have driverless tractors which can be controlled over GPS and give detailed information on crops. The giant tractor with the claws is known as a combine and if you ever get a chance to visit their Corp HQ, you can sit in one. Here are some pictures that I took while visiting Moline, Western Illinois University, John Deere's Corporate HQ, and the Davenport Skybridge in Iowa.

Also if you haven't seen my previous post, please check out some pictures I took in Downtown Los Angeles at

View from room at the Radisson on John Deere Commons
Moline, Illinois

Dock on the Mississippi River

Canadian Geese run this city (or college campus)
View from Western Illinois University's Conference Room
The Mississippi River in front of Western Illinois University

John Deere's Combine Tractor 

The best Ice Cream in Illinois. Ask for the flight if you don't believe me.

John Deere's Corporate HQ

A tractor museum in Corp HQ

Inside the Combine 
Me sitting in the Combine

Geoffrey in the Combine
Tiffany in the Combine
The Logo
Corp HQ's nice architecture

A view from the office
Some of JD's Art Collection

Corp HQ's Indoor Arboretum

Driverless tractor controlled over GPS. The future of farming.
A concept machine that looks like a spider. The intent was to leave a minimal footprint while working in forests.
World's Largest Truckstop located in Iowa. I came all the way out here for a keychain.
The Davenport Skybridge

A scene from Resident Evil. She survived the lasers.

It was almost pitch black and I was testing the ISO on the A7RII. Not bad...
Another view of the Davenport Skybridge

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